One time assistance of Rs. 30,000 / – to wife and husband Government financial assistance scheme

The scheme is implemented through the Department of Social Justice to provide financial assistance to couples who are experiencing financial difficulties due to mixed marriages other than SC / ST. The financial assistance provided through the scheme has been increased to `30,000 / -. With the introduction of the Panchayat Raj system, financial assistance to mixed marriages has been transferred to the Local Self Government Institutions, Block Panchayats, Municipalities and Corporations.

Documents to be submitted with the application

1. Income Certificate – Original (issued by the Village Officer at the place of permanent residence or place of birth of the couple)
2. Certificate of Mixed Marriages (Certificate issued by the Office of the Sub-Registrar, issued by the Panchayat President, Government-recognized Mixed Marriage Associations, issued by the Vicar / Manager / Sreekarya of Churches or Temples, NSS or SNDP etc. Should be.
3. Certificate issued by the Village Officer to prove the caste of the couple.
4. Original certificate issued by any Gazetted Officer, MLA or MP to prove that the couple has been living together for the past one year.

Conditions to be followed for selection of eligible applications

1. The annual income limit of the couple is Rs. 1,00,000 / -.
2. Only those who have legally registered their marriage are eligible for financial assistance.
3. Couples are only eligible for financial assistance once.
4. Grant-in-aid should be used to start a business and for capital investments such as land acquisition and housing.
5. Local Governments should ensure that the financial assistance is utilized in the above manner.
6. When funding becomes available, the couple must jointly submit an agreement to the local authority in a specific forum.
7. If the couple does not spend the amount in a timely manner as per the law, the amount should be recovered from the couple or the guarantor as per the revenue recovery.
8. The application should be submitted within one year after marriage and within two years.

District Social Justice Officers do not have to consider applications received after the deadline. However, as the LGs have the right to waive the 1 year delay, applications for the waiver should be considered by the District Social Justice Officer and submitted to the LG along with the report. Applications received after three years need not be considered.

Applications in the prescribed forum should be submitted by the mixed marriage couple to the District Social Justice Officer.


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