Old vehicles are going to be demolished and the process has started

Older vehicles are being demolished and it is known in detail that these vehicles were initially demolished. The number of vehicles on our roads is increasing day by day.

Approval for Scrapage Policy. Union Minister Nirmala Sitharaman made the announcement during the presentation of the budget. The deadline for the use of vehicles in the country has been announced. The maximum validity period is 20 years for private vehicles and 15 years for commercial vehicles. Therefore, there is no reduction in pollution. Therefore, the government had earlier ordered the demolition of 15 – year – old commercial vehicles and 20 – year – old private vehicles to reduce air pollution, but it is now taking effect, and in connection with this, demolition and recycling centers are being set up in port areas. Everyone should know that all vehicles that do not pass the fitness test are being demolished. Iowa explains in detail in the video about one thing and the vehicles that were demolished first, something that everyone should know, especially those who own a vehicle know and do not know all these things.