December 2, 2023


Advantages have been begun for different individuals from the government assistance finance and the individuals who are not individuals from government assistance finance. Conveyance of intrigue free advances and free non-payable credits are given under different government assistance subsidize plans . We realize that in the hour of this lockdown, it is absurd to expect to go to the government assistance finance office and apply legitimately. In this manner different government assistance finance sheets are accepting applications in different manners.

  • There is an installment instrument to the record without tolerating the application . It’s only for some government assistance.
  • Applications are gotten in two different ways

1)via Email

  • We will get the sum in the event that we apply to the government assistance finance office in each area alongside the archives. The sum will be credited to your record by April 20 .

2)via WhatsApp

Presenting the records to the concerned specialists telephone, if the advance isn’t to be reimbursed/it is an intrigue free advance archives, the application have been assessed and that sum will be credited to your record.

  • Here to present to you about the appropriation of the government assistance store of Kerala state engine laborers Welfare support . This is something that carries the best satisfaction to all the engine laborers who have stopped the employment on the occasion of this lockdown .
  • Applications are acknowledged by email .
  • Download the connection in PDF design.
  • Take the print of the application structure .
  • Sweep the subtleties.
  • Subsequent to presenting the application alongside the significant archives, apply in the separate area government assistance support office .
  • Connect the pertinent records and send this email.
  • After that the sum will be credited to your record.


  • Aadhar card.
  • Application structure
  • Subtleties of financial balance .
  • Receipt of sum paid for government assistance .
  • Records that demonstrate participation in the division of engine laborers Welfare support .
  • Let join every one of the individuals who are qualified for this advantages.

മോട്ടോർ തൊഴിലാളി ക്ഷേമനിധി ബോർഡിന്റെ തുക ലഭിക്കുവാനുള്ള അപേക്ഷാ ഫോം

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