December 2, 2023

Mistakes in Aadhaar card can be corrected

Today, record, allocate card, PAN card and phone number used in related with Aadhaar. Thusly, any slip up in the Aadhaar will impact your various chronicles too. In addition to that, later on you can not do any right things with this Aadhaar card. Be that as it may, today we will look at how you can modify the area and various nuances given in the Aadhaar card yourself.

Step 1:open Aadhaar self thought doorway site.

Step 2:Now enter the Aadhaar number in the name you get. Type the manual human test underneath. You will by and by get an otp to the phone number you entered in Aadhaar.

Step 3:Log in after OTP entered . Here you can modify language, name, sex email, name, date of birth and adaptable number. In any case, things like sexual direction should be corrected once. The name can be changed twice. Expecting you wanted to modify the area, click on it.

Step 4:Read everything here and click the proceed with button. Current Aadhaar information can be seen. Underneath you can enter the nuances that you really wanted to change. Type English in the principle segment and close by language in the ensuing section.

Step 5:Upload and submit Voter ID as a supporting file. By and by you can see the information. Take a survey and ensure that every one of the information is correct. Type the manual human test given under. Snap send OTP.

step 7:Type in the OTP from which the enlisted adaptable number will be gotten and click on make portion.

Step 8:Payments can be made with a money order card, Visa and net banking. The cost is Rs 50. Then, compelling message of the trade can be seen. You will get another Aadhaar card in five to six days.

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