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Live Transcribe has another name Live Transcribe and Sound Notifications. It’s an application that makes ordinary discussions and encompassing sounds more open among individuals who are hard of hearing and deaf, utilizing only your Android telephone.

Utilizing Google’s cutting edge programmed discourse acknowledgment and sound recognition innovation, Live Transcribe and Sound Notifications gives you free, constant records of your discussions and sends warnings dependent on your encompassing sounds at home. The notices make you mindful of significant circumstances at home, for example, an alarm or doorbell ringing, with the goal that you can react rapidly.


Open your gadget’s Settings application.
Tap Accessibility, then, at that point, tap Live Transcribe, or Sound Notifications, contingent upon which application you might want to begin.
Tap Use administration, then, at that point, acknowledge the authorizations.
Utilize the Accessibility button or signal to begin Live Transcribe or Sound Notifications.
[New] Sound Notifications

Get informed of likely unsafe circumstances and individual circumstances dependent on sounds occurring at home (for instance, smoke alert, alarm, child sounds).
Get warnings with a blazing light or vibration to your cell phone or wearable.
Timetable view releases you back ever (at present restricted to 12 hours) to see what was occurring around you.

Continuous record

Interprets continuously. Message shows up on your telephone as words are expressed.
Precisely catches the subtleties of how words are utilized in setting.
Browse north of 80 dialects and tongues, and immediately switch between two dialects.
Add custom words that you use much of the time, similar to names or family things.
Set your telephone to vibrate when somebody says your name.
Type reactions in your discussion. Raise your telephone’s console and type your words for a consistent exchange. Records actually show up while you type.
See the volume of the speaker’s voice contrasted with the din in your current circumstance. You can utilize this sound pointer to change your volume when you talk.
Utilize outer mouthpieces found in wired headsets, Bluetooth headsets, and USB mics for better sound gathering.
Alluding back to record

Decide to save records for 3 days. Saved records will remain locally on your gadget for 3 days, so you can reorder them somewhere else. (Naturally, records are not saved.)
Search inside saved records.
Contact and hold text in record to reorder.
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