How to change the voice during a call on android

How to change the voice during a call on android
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 Android applications
 is a loving and bonding activity today. Because the prankster would love to use it and the victim would hate to be there during those embarrassing moments. But not everyone knows how to make people laugh. But why? Because only a wise person can tear someone’s leg without getting it.

Are you that genius boss or someone who likes to play other games but doesn’t have the opportunity, for example for music to catch you in the act? No need..! Try making fun of someone on the phone. Don’t be afraid of your phone number or voice. Because it is easy to manage. Most of the time, we can’t stand someone on the phone, because it’s not an easy task as it seems. There are some facts that you should consider before inviting your friend or relative to have fun, if you consider at least one thing, you will be deceived, not the other. Therefore, what we all do before we start the prank is to find a phone number that the other person does not know, otherwise, when you start the sound, the person who receives it will know who is calling. Another fact is being able to change your voice and speak like a complete stranger. If you have this ability, the game will be successful, but how many people can do it? So to start a conversation, you have to be ready, right? Chatting and annoying people on the phone is really fun as long as it’s not misused. When we have an annoying parent who won’t stop talking, sometimes we can silence him by calling him with a secret number and enjoy watching him get confused. or want to call your best friend and talk to him about it. voice and see his response. The thing is, when you have the right tools at hand, you can deal with thousands of creative pranks.

Believe me, there are many apps in Google Playstore that can be used by a person on the phone, but not all of them will be as accurate as they claim. The app doesn’t provide the best calls or it will start to lose all your phone, which will not be appreciated. That’s why I found the best in this guide. We offer you an easy way to change your voice to male, female, cartoon voice and many others. Also, the phone number you are calling will be changed when you are on a voice changed call. How to go about it?

To do this, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to make people laugh. There are many apps out there that will not completely change your voice. There are even apps that are disabled and disruptive. But we have found the right app that will change your voice perfectly. You can check the voice quality before the call. Go there to find out more.

How to change your voice during a call

You need to download the app named “Magiccall” directly from Google Playstore on your Android smartphone or tablet. Let’s continue to know how to change your voice when calling on Android phones.
First, launch
 the app on your phone and register it with your phone number. Then you will see a list of voices that you can edit during the call.

Now you can select any voice you want and here you can check the voice quality by clicking the test button. There are other features that you can find in the app such as voice changed call logs, hiding your real number and many others. These features can be found on the settings page. Here are the basic steps to update the ‘Magiccall’ app on your phone to make beautiful calls. You can download this app directly from Google Playstore on your Android phone by clicking here. This is the best app I can guarantee that it will help you do fun things with high volume and have fun with your friends and family. We advise against using this application for illegal activities.

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