December 5, 2023

Health ID – Key to your digital healthcare journey

A Health ID will give you complete responsibility for wellbeing history. Your Health ID is an issue free strategy for getting to and sharing your wellbeing records carefully. It empowers your connection with taking part medical care suppliers, and permits you to accept your computerized lab reports, remedies and finding consistently from checked medical care experts and wellbeing specialist co-ops

Why make a Health ID?

Utilizing a Health ID is the initial move towards making more secure and proficient computerized wellbeing records for yourself as well as your family. You can pick in to make a carefully solid Health ID, which permits you to access and impart your wellbeing information to your assent, with taking part medical services suppliers and payers


Computerized Health Records
Access your data directly from admission to treatment and release in a paperless way

Simple sign up

Make your Health ID utilizing just your fundamental data alongwith Mobile Number, or Aadhaar

Intentional Opt-In

Partake at your own through and through freedom and decide to make your Health ID deliberately

Intentional Opt-Out

You can demand eradication of your information whenever
Individual Health Records (PHR)

Access and connection your Personal Health Records (PHR) with Health ID to make longitudinal wellbeing history ​

Simple PHR Sign Up

Make simple to recollect PHR Address
Assent based admittance
Admittance to your wellbeing information is given after your unmistakable and educated assent. You can oversee and disavow assent, if necessary.

Admittance to specialists

Empowers admittance to checked specialists the nation over

Secure and Private
Worked with powerful security and encryption instruments and no data is shared without your assent.

Youngster Health ID

Make a Health ID for your youngster and along these lines make advanced wellbeing records directly from birth

Add a chosen one

Add chosen one to get to your Health ID and view or assist with dealing with your records

Comprehensive access

Accessible to individuals with cell phones, include telephones, and surprisingly no telephones utilizing helped techniques

Wellbeing ID will make it simple for you to safely get to and deal with your wellbeing information carefully. You can make your Health ID utilizing only your Mobile Number or Aadhaar Number.

You will likewise get to arrangement a PHR (Personal Health Records) Address for assent the board, and ensuing sharing of wellbeing records.

The Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM) intends to foster the spine important to help the incorporated advanced wellbeing framework of the country. It expects to connect the current hole among various partners of medical care biological system through computerized interstates.

NDHM Health Records

NDHM Health Records is an individual wellbeing watcher application from National Health Authority, Govt of India. The residents can get a longitudinal perspective on the individual wellbeing record by making and connecting the wellbeing ID with the visited medical services facilities.This application assists the residents with keeping up with their wellbeing record at one spot.

The administrations gave by the application to the residents are:

1) Option to Create a novel Health ID to deal with the wellbeing records
2) Option to Link the wellbeing ID with different medical services offices including Hospital, Clinic and Labs
3) Option to Request the wellbeing information from the connected medical care offices on to the telephone and have a longitudinal perspective on the wellbeing information at the fingertips.
4) Option to deny or allow authorization, If any specialists, labs or facilities solicitation to see the wellbeing information.