December 2, 2023

Gas cylinder now for just 650 rupees

Simultaneously, there is a record expansion in the cost of flammable gas in the worldwide market. On September 30, it was 40% higher. With this, it is accounted for that the cost of cooking gas and CNG will increment. The present cost is US$8.57 per million English warm units. It rose from $6.1 to $8.57. This cost depends on the gauge bought by the Service of Oil.

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Alongside this, Dependence Enterprises has likewise raised the cost of petroleum gas. The present cost is US$12.6 per million English warm units. From $9.92 rose to $12.6. This is the most elevated expansion as of late. This is the third time since April 2019 that flammable gas costs have expanded this much.

CNG gas utilized for vehicles and cooking gas are produced using flammable gas. Steep petroleum gas value climbs will prompt cost climbs in the home kitchen. CNG and cooking gas costs have expanded by 70% over the most recent one year.

The public authority sets gas costs like clockwork – on April 1 and October 1 – with a slack of one quarter in light of winning rates in gas-surplus nations like the US, Canada and Russia every year. Consequently, the cost for October 1 to Walk 31 depends on the normal cost for July 2021 to June 2022.