Free accommodation up to Rs 4 lakh| Facts to know when applying

Arrangement of rundown of qualified families who have left the Life Mission recipient list – Guideline The way toward setting up a rundown of recipients for landless and landless and landless destitute in 2017 under the Face Life Comprehensive Housing Security Scheme is as a rule effectively attempted in Kerala. More than 1 lakh families have just been given lodging as a feature of Life 1 and 2 stages. Recovery of the landless destitute in stage III is in progress. In case of the main recipient list being readied, the qualified Pila families have left and afterward the qualified recipients are being added to the rundown of qualified forestdies and landless destitute, and the accommodation of this rule is through a completely programming based framework. Qualified competitors can present their applications online through helpdesks, web or other online specialist organizations.

Qualification Criteria

The individuals who are engaged with a similar apportion card ought to be treated as a family and rewarded as a solitary house
Family with proportion card before first July 2020.
Indeed, even the individual who is on the proportion card should be destitute. (Not relevant to SC/ST anglers class)
Normal workers or retired people from government and semi-government open part endeavors ought to be barred from their homes.

Families whose yearly salary surpasses 300,000 ought to be barred.
Families who own in excess of 25 pennies of land in gram panchayats or in excess of five pennies in city enterprise region ought to be barred. (Not material to SC/ST anglers class)
Families who own four wheelers ought to be prohibited from the occupation as a methods for vocation.

In case of the property of the beneficiaries, the landless ought to be barred on the grounds that they don’t have specialized land in their name.

Spoiled and appalling houses (considered in the class of spoiled and dreadful houses with wooden dividers, canvas, sheets, and wood, and American with sheets and sheets). Endorsement of living arrangement of Local Self Government Engineer T Bhavan ought to be given whenever required by the Executive Officer