Do you put eggs on your head to grow hair? It is more beneficial to do it this way

Every one of us wants to grow hair well, stop hair loss and keep hair in place. But today most people have problems like hair loss and dandruff. To solve all these problems, we can do it at home. Moreover, we can also change gray hair to black by adopting this method. Take the bowl and break an egg into it and pour it and mix well and add it.

Then what we need for this is Kanunni. After adding some water and straining it well, strain it into another container and take its juice. It is a factor that helps hair to grow well, blacken and turn gray. Pour the filtered juice into the mixed egg and mix it well. After that, you can pour the desired oil on the head.

After mixing everything well, we can apply it on the head. This oil should be applied on the scalp. Apply it on the head for half an hour and then wash it off. It is best to wash with shampoo and be selective when using shampoo. If you apply this on your head twice a week, you can see that your hair is growing.

It can be used by all age groups alike and results can be seen in just one use. There are no other problems with its use as no chemicals or colors are added. It is enough to choose only one method to solve all hair related problems. To know more, just watch the video below.