Do you have frequent stomach ulcers? Just eat these foods and avoid stomach ulcers completely

Stomach ulcer is a troublesome problem. The main cause of stomach ulcer is H pylori bacteria which enters the stomach when we eat contaminated food. Then it is made in the stomach and made there. Another reason is alcohol. Another problem is smoking and not only smoking causes 30% of the smoke to go to the stomach which causes stomach upset.

Overuse of drugs. Another reason is not eating on time. For those who eat a lot of junk food, spicy food and tin food. Stomach ulcers are also common in people who have excess tension. The main symptoms are heartburn, constipation, nausea after eating, feeling like going to the toilet after eating. If the ulcer is in the stomach and abdomen.

the difficulties arise after an hour and a half after eating. If the problem is not eating, it is in the small intestine. An important way to reverse this is to eat on time. Secondly, people should avoid eating too many spicy foods. Cut down on red meat. Eating fish curry is good but avoid frying. Say excessive use of pepper.

Mangal is good. Avoid tea and cola. Chicken can be eaten. If you avoid milk it is better to eat curd instead which has many benefits. Eat eggs. Eat sprouts and eat mushrooms. Eat nuts like walnuts. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits and avoid fruits like oranges and lemons. Include foods high in selenium. Marine fishes are like shrimps and crabs. Eat mushrooms. Watch the video below to learn more.