Do you get dizzy from time to time? I know why

One of the most common problems today is frequent vertigo, a feeling of spinning when you get up from a sitting or lying position. There is no need to choose other treatment methods to solve this problem. Instead, we can control it with some exercises. First, after understanding the cause of dizziness, we should take other ways.

If we have ear balance, we can find the solution by doing exercises. There are three tubes in different parts of our ear. It has a liquid like water and when we tilt our head or bend the water moves back and forth and this is the reason why we get dizzy in this way. When these symptoms occur.

we can identify the cause of ear balance when we do a positional test in the END. Dizziness can occur due to many reasons, so proper treatment should be chosen. Self-medication is wrong. If it is due to ear balance problem, it can be changed through proper treatment and exercises. At the time of dizziness.

it is important to be careful when getting up from a sitting position or turning from a lying position to other parts. Whether it is when bending or when getting up from a lying position, the actions should be done slowly. When dizziness occurs, we can control such problems by choosing the right treatment methods and if it is caused by air balance, we can control such problems. To know more, watch the video below.