Century Hotel Vacancy Qatar – 2021

To give aware, capable, successful and versatile assistance unsurprising with the housing’s techniques to help guest satisfaction. To be absolutely versatile and have the alternative to be turned inside the different sub parts of the Rooms division, or some different workplaces as selected and as major.

To ensure that the guests are offered the main degree of altered organization reliably and to report guest complaints or issues to chiefs if no brief plan can be found and assurance return again to guests. Thoughtfulness regarding dwelling practices and a suitable handover of the approaching concentrations for next move’s turn of events and action is critical.

To think pretty much all housing organizations, workplaces, and headways, and learned of upselling strategies. To change the cash report and repayment include close to the completion of the move, perform opening and closing strategies, and assurance that the Assistant Manager – Front Office signs all discounts and paid out vouchers with a sensible explanation. To check and invigorate the segment of spaces for all guests and return again to the exceptional requirements referenced by the guests. To stay in contact with long stay and suite guests to ensure their visits are a pleasant one.

General commitments are to keep a raised assumption for planning and neatness reliably, to keep a fair similarity and working relationship with accomplices and any excess workplaces. Full assistance to Supervisors and gathering is central, for some other reasonable commitments and obligations are designated.


Reliable to welcome all guests, ensuring they have an amazing excess experience; making suffering memories and building associations. You will revive our inspiration, by using your own flair and style while helping out our guests. Ideally you have an appropriate degree or testament in Hospitality or Tourism the heads. Least 2 years work understanding in housing exercises. Incredible customer backing, trades and social capacities are an undeniable necessity.


We are ceaselessly looking for skilled and driven individuals to join the Spar Hypermarket Qatar Team. If you are sure that you have the stuff to be a working partner.

Alert! We are the solitary support you can do propel things with your obligations, and if you have any solicitations you can mail us on the mail id given underneath in-office times.