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We as a whole utilize cell phones and PCs. Yet, when an objection of any sort happens, everything we do is take it to the shop to have it fixed. In any case, on the off chance that we go to versatile shops and fix mobiles, we need to burn through a colossal measure of cash. Not just that, numerous grumblings consume a large chunk of the day to correct, which can prompt a circumstance where the telephone can’t be utilized for that long. In any case, today we are getting to know a site where anybody can without much of a stretch fix their cell phone and PC from the solace of their own home.


Gadgets like cell phones can be fixed themselves by utilizing the ‘ifixit ‘application. To do this, first open the site




Then, at that point, you can see that ‘Now what is it that you really want to fix? ‘ Below that you can see Mac, tablet, telephone, vehicle and truck. You can submit telephone related questions assuming you select telephone in it. While choosing the telephone you will see the telephone classification detail. On the off chance that your telephone is Android, select it. Presently you can get telephones in 54 classifications under various brands. Pick whichever telephone it is. Then, at that point, select the model of the telephone. Presently you can see the different fix strategies forward looking camera and glass screen connected with that model. In this you can pick what you need to fix. Then, at that point, you can perceive how to fix it bit by bit here.


You can likewise buy the parts and instruments you really want to fix from this site. Tool compartments for fixing cell phones and PCs and how to fix them are given here.



You can fix the telephone in the event that you really want to fix the telephone in the event of crisis. Recall that it needs to do your own gamble. Utilizing this site you can undoubtedly fix your gadgets from anyplace without the assistance of a specialist. Something else is that you can fix this site free of charge. Ifixit Android application you can use free of charge. In any case, something else to note is that when you open the telephone, unique consideration ought to be taken not to influence the guarantee.

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