December 2, 2023

Airpod in the esophagus of a young man who showed up to the doctor following chest pain.

Brad, a 38-year-old American, was hospitalized for chest torment. A X-beam of the clinic showed that the airpod was stuck in the chest. Specialists found on X-beam that the airpod was noticeable in the throat. Anyway this airpod was taken out by endoscopy.

As indicated by Brad, when he woke up toward the beginning of the day, he had just minor chest torment. At that point I drank a great deal of water. Yet, he had no issue drinking water. He has been looking for one of his airpods for quite a while. Brad had a few questions when he was unable to discover the airpod for quite a while.

Brad was hospitalized with chest torments. Brad was fortunate to see on a X-beam that the airpod was stuck in his throat so the situation of the airpod was not harmed or caught. Or on the other hand it might have been hard to relax. Subsequent to showing up at the clinic on schedule, specialists found the reason for the agony and performed endoscopy to eliminate the airpod. From that point onward, Brad required a ton of rest. Expansive had cautioned specialists that the airpod could move from that position to the stomach or lungs. That is exceptionally perilous. Yet, the medical procedure was effective. After the medical procedure, Brad ate and went to the workplace.